Top 3 Lush Products~!

Hello my little berries!

So I went to Lush the other day and I just want to put it out there how heavenly their store smells. I feel like whenever I leave that store, the scent still lingers on my skin and on my hair and on my clothings! I wish I can just buy everything in there and try them all out but hey I’m not that rich so we’ll stick to shopping in moderation 🙂

Anyways, besides the amazing smell of the store, I did pick up a couple of new stuff. Some of these things I have tried before and most are new to me (and most definitely enjoying!) I just want to let you know that I am also an avid organic/all natural junkie, so I usually like to find the most organic/natural stuff out there especially anything that goes on my skin. I know I know it’s super hard to just get “all 100% natural” in anything unless I made it myself and I know exactly what I put in it. I just think that it is better to have some natural than no natural ingredients, right??


Charity PotThe first one is the Charity Pot. This hand and body lotion smells divine and very moisturizing.  I love to apply this all over my body before I go to bed for the full moisturizing power of the product also because I like how my bed smells the next morning. If you’re still not sold on this product, I think you will be once you find out that the “Charity Pot” is actually putting all of its revenue (even the tax you pay for) towards numerous local charities. I think that it’s actually pretty cool that their pots would display different charities that they contribute to and it just makes me a whole lot better that I am doing my skin some good and helping others at the same time. I’m already halfway empty and I cannot wait to go and purchase another one!




Vanilla Dee-Lite


Top 2 on my list is nothing else but Lush’s Vanilla Dee-Lite! I didn’t even think about it when I went to Lush, I just wanted to pick up some bath bombs but when I passed by the body lotion section I tried this on my skin and holy god of all berries it smelled sooo dee-liteful! I couldn’t even stop sniffing my arm and I tried it again right when I got home; it still smell just as good in the store. This was a new product to me and I am so glad I bought it because the smell is just plain yummy but not too strongly sweet. It surprisingly has a very very settle vanilla scent but not too much with some floral accents in there; nothing overpowering at all. For some reason, I feel kind of sophisticated and girly when I have this on, maybe it’s the lightness and the perfect balance of all the fragrance in the product. You just have to go to the store and sniff it for yourself and tell me you did not just fall in love with the scent.




bubble bar brightside


OKAY! so they have this new vibrant bubble bar at the store called Brightside and boy did it catch my eye right when I got in the store. The moment I smelled this heavenly goodness I thought I was holding an orange, like literally the fruit orange! That’s the only description I can give you is that it smells exactly like an orange. It’s sooo fruity that I feel like it would liven me up when I use this in the bath, so this might be more of a during the day “pamper day” for me since I usually prefer a more calming and soothing smell for night time baths. There’s enough said; I love it!



I hope you all enjoyed this post! Until next time.


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