New Year’s Resolution: Beauty Edition

Hi my pretty berries,

2015 is just right around the corner and I cannot believe how fast every year goes by. I thought it would be fun to share to you my New Year’s Resolution – Beauty Edition which will focus more on things that I would change/improve beauty related. So I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment below what your New Year’s Resolution for 2015.

I look forward to the upcoming year and what surprises it may have in store for me and this whole blogging experience. So far I am loving blogging, I just wish that my schedule allows me to have more time to write posts but I do try=) Anywho, here are my New Year’s Resolution for 2015!

  1. I will try not to lose anymore of my lip balms. Sometimes I think that there are little lip balm thieves that comes here and steals my lip balms because I swear I lose them faster than I can use it all. Does anybody else share this dilemma?!IMG_0572-1024x768
  2. Cleaning my brushes religiously is next on my list. I gotta stop being so damn lazy and consistently deep clean my make-up brushes. I know it’s gross, even I’m grossed out thinking about it >.<89d94ad59310a195b750574f966e223b
  3. Sanitize my phone every night. Yes, I have heard that phones are one cause for breakouts because we use it all day whethere we have clean or dirty hands. We put it down everywhere! I do this already but not as much as I should so I gotta get me some alcohol and do it more consistently (like every night)cXG9gTxZ
  4. Quit buying anymore lipsticks and give some love to that ones I already have. This one is going to be the hardest to do because I love me some lipsticks and I don’t think there is such a thing as “too much” of anything BUT I will try. The ones I ordered online before I posted this doesn’t count.Makeup-Little-Mermaid-Meme-Pinterest
  5. Organize my make-up and keep them that way for the entire year! HA! We shall see how this goes.tumblr_mvgva69SrQ1qfwdw7o1_1280


That’s all I have for now and don’t forget to let me know what are your New Year’s Resolution. I’m afraid that if I list more then I might not be able to commit to all of them and I am determined to follow through my resolutions. At least, I want to put an effort into it;)




2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution: Beauty Edition

  1. Great resolutions-it’s all stuff that I should work on too. Although I don’t think I would be able to do #4, I have zero self-control with lipstick buying. Maybe the lip balm thieves take the bobby pins and hair ties too? Cuz that’s what constantly disappears for me, haha! Happy New Year!

    • Hahaha I totally agree with you on the bobby pins and hair ties! i could’ve seorn I had a whole pack of those things and they just disappear!! I think they’re just a gang of little tiny thieves xD I hope you have a good New Year as well!

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