The Nume Lustrum Set Product Review

Hello my pretty berries,

I got the Nume Curling Lustrum set and I really really love it! I have been using it to curl my hair ever since I got it and I didn’t know how I was able to live without it before. Now, before anyone say anything, I got this as a gift from my boyfriend and obviously he used his own money so it’s not sent or sponsored and these are all my honest opinion.

The Nume Lustrum Set is my first ever Nume product and I got it online for $299 BUT I did find a discount coupon from one of the Youtube videos that I watched (sorry I can’t remember) and I pretty much got a 50% off discount, talk about a great deal!

Anywho, lets get on with this review! First of all, when you get it in mail it comes in this case and the travel roll which stores all the curling barrels. The travel roll will great for when you travel because everything is already tucked in their case and you won’t lose anything.


I have played around with it and have tried out different types of curls and I can probably say that it is by far my favourite hair tool ever! I don’t typically straighten my hair since my hair is already naturally on the straight side so I do fin myself curling my hair more often.

The one biggest pro for me is that it gives me long lasting curls without having to use any hairspray (but I do it anyways out of habit). Even 2nd day curled hair looks amazing! Also, when you turn it on, it can heat up to 410 degrees in just a couple seconds.

Now let’s talk about the curling varieties which are 5 interchangeable barrels to each creates there own curling style. The photo below was just the one I found in the Nume Website but the one that I actually got is all black in colour so I’m not sure if they’ve changed the design right after when I got my set because the photo below clearly has a silver aluminum looking thing but it’s just a cosmetic change so yeah.

Moving forward, the barrels themselves are apparently infused with tourmaline which pretty much helps with curling the hair smoothly and cause less friction. It does claim that it also helps with giving my hair that extra healthy shine, which it does. I can’t forget to mention that I have notice less frizziness everytime I use this.

Also, before I forget, it does come with a glove to use because it is clampless and the chances of me getting my hand burned are great so the glove helps a lot with the whole curling process.


(Left to right) 19mm,25mm,32mm,pearl & reverse barrels

19mm Barrel: This is the skinniest barrels out of all of them which gives a much more tighter curls (think goldilocks). It’s not usually my cup of tea but if you brush it out everything looks much more wavy.

25mm Barrel: I use this barrel when I want to style my hair but want to get some grip and hold because like I’ve mentioned before I have pretty straight hair which is not that great for styling because they just don’t sit right when I do buns or braids.

32mm Barrel: Now this is for the effortless looking waves. I use this the most out of all the 5 barrels because this is a quick and easy way to look put together. I swear it cannot get any easier than this!

Pearl Barrel: The weirdest barrel ever. The first time I got it, I wasn’t sure how I’m suppose to curl my hair because I have never seen anything like it before. Finally, I gave it a whirl and it gives this uneven looking curls and I mean that in a good way. It is tighter curls but again, I just brush it out just a little and I get voluminous waves.

Reverse Barrel: I like this one a lot!I I really like the fact that it’s thicker on the top and gets smaller through the bottom. It helps with giving lots of volume on my root or give more body to my hair. Can you tell I’m all about volume and body when it comes to my hair? I guess I just like big hair.

The only downside that I found to this is that it cost $299 but I would highly suggest that you wait for a discount code or you can probably google them online to get it cheaper. Also, there is only one heat setting but I guess that why they come in different sized barrels so that you can achieve different curls right?

In conclusion, I do think it is definitely worth the money if you”re someone like me that prefers to curl your hair. Also, I think that this will last me for a very very long time and it’s something that I will actually take care of and it feels like it does way less damage to my hair so that’s always a plus. I give it 9.5 out of 10 berries! =)

Let me know if you’ve tried this before or if you are looking into purchasing the Nume Lustrum Set.

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3 thoughts on “The Nume Lustrum Set Product Review

  1. I’ve heard such great things about Nume and I have the hardest time getting my hair to hold curls. Maybe I should look into getting something from them. Thanks for the review 🙂

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