What’s in my beach bag?

Hello my pretty lil berries!

I am back with another “summer-themed” post and this time I thought I would take you to the beach with me or at least a speck of what I do and bring to the beach with me.

Most of the time I just want to go out and relax by the seaside and very well away from the water. Sometimes, I would cool down in the ocean or lake or wherever I am on that day but 80% of the time I’m on land. You’re probably wondering as to why I go to the beach and not go in the water all the time and that is because my skin is quite sensitive and can easily be irritated. Also, I didn’t want my sunscreen to wash off and further risk of having burnt and itchy red skin for the rest of the day.

Today, I will show you the essentials and what I bring to the beach to keep myself entertained and whomever else I’m going with. I hope you all enjoy this post and make sure to say hi in the comments below =)

By the way, I did mention this already in my video but bathing suits and cover-up are pretty much a top essential for me but I didn’t see the point of showing it in the video or in this blogpost because I already wear those when I go to the beach. BUT if you want to see what are my favourite bikinis and cover ups just let me know and I will work on that.

Anyways, like I said, I usually have my bathing suit on already under some kind of a cover up before I get to the beach because I just feel more comfortable to have something to throw on top of your bathing suit unless you are not shy and don’t give a f*^%#$ what people thinks then you go girl! It also just saves time and less hassle to go and find change rooms to put on my bathing suit. Let me know what is you favourite bathing suit and if you have any tips for certain body shapes! =)

Here is the bag that I usually use and carries all my essentials. I got it from a local market in Hawaii when we went there last year. It’s made from this weaved-ish texture that makes it extra sturdy and it has those very thick twisted ropes. Just look at it! it just screams “summer is here and time to get out of hibernation!





Here is what’s inside my beach bag:



Wet ones

I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I seem to always have the need to wash my hands so if I’m at the beach and I’m going to eat or if my feet got too dirty then I just take a couple of this bad boy and I’m a happy, germ-free gal=)

Beach Towel

I just need a beach towel to sit on while I read a book or listen to my music. Not much to say.


I use a different sunscreen for my body and face. The Nature Republic SPF 50++ is my current favourite for applying on my face. It doesn’t cause me any breakouts and it doesn’t leave that oily feeling that other sunscreens usually have. It is very light as well and easily gets absorbed on the skin.

As for the rest of my body, I have been loving the Hawaiian Tropics Sunscreen. I specifically like the lotion version (hate the aerosol version, it stinks and sticky on the skin) because of it’s hydrating properties and the smell is heavenly. It does have some microscopic shimmer which makes your skin glow and flawless.

Sunglasses & Case

I live for sunglasses! I have to have it all the time and I never leave the house without one and so should you. You have to protect you eyes and your eye area since the skin around your eyes is very thin and too much exposure under the sun can cause premature wrinkles and nobody wants that right? unless you do then forget the sunglasses.

I always have one stored in the car, another one in my large purse, another one on my smaller purse and more in my apartment (just in case). Before I forget, I never spend too much on my sunglasses since I will break them and I will just cry if it was an expensive brand. The one I have on the photo above is from Boathouse and I spent $10 on it whatta deal!

Of course, I still carry a case with me to keep my sunnies protected  but I got to be honest, I’m really bad at remembering to bring it with me, hence the broken sunnies but I do try to make a habit of it.


I like reading at the beach so I bring my Kobo with me to catch up on my reading. As for the notebook, I usually write blog post and Youtube ideas or just doodle. I got my notebook and Kobo at Chapters.




Small make-up bag

Since my beach bag is huge and it has no pockets, I usually have a hard time finding things in my beach bag. I got mine from La Senza a while back, but it fits all the small things that I need to bring with me and I never have to spend 10 minutes to look for my chapstick.

E.L.F. Shine Eraser

I have to say this has kept me shine free and it’s only $1.00!! Now, get yourself online and stack up on these babies, I know I have=)

Chapstick w/ spf

Taking care of your lips is just as important as the rest of your body especially since it is more sensitive and the skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your body. I would suggest to always keep a chapstick with spf on hand whenever you go out.

The one I am currently using is the Blistex Moisture Melt with an spf of 15 (you can’t even tell from the photo because it’s rubbed off). I re-apply every time I eat or drink to ensure that I always have protection on my lips. I believe you can also buy ones that have some tint on them so that you don’t look so washed out or dull.

Evian Facial Spray

Simple product yet you don’t realize how much you need it until you run out of it (tell me you haven’t experienced anything like that!) It doesn’t cost very much compared to the other water-based facial spray out in the market so I’d say stack up on these as well.

Earphones & pen

I like listening to music when I’m just laying under the sun and doodling or writing ideas for a blogpost/Youtube video so I need my earphones and a pen  (see notebook previous photo).




I specifically wanted to mention my current favourite snack which is Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies (unfortunately I finished them all today..) since it is one of the many food that I bring to the beach with me. I almost always have fruits with me if I go to the beach but I just didn’t have one when I was writing this blogpost but it’s great to have snacks to munch on while enjoying the sun.

Water bottle

Having a handy water bottle while in the beach is always a good thing. It keeps you away from craving frozen sugary drinks and the water will keep you hydrated all day. I use the Swell water bottle, which keeps my water cold all day even if it’s sweltering hot outside.




Phone & Wallet

I can’t go anywhere without my wallet or phone so I thought I’d quickly show you that as well. You never know when you would need your wallet and I need my phone for music and such.


That is all! I hope you enjoyed this and I would really love it if you guys can come by my Youtube channel to see my new video! Also, let me know what you want to see next=)

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.22.09 PM


See you all on my next post! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!=)





Hello my pretty berries,

This is it my first monthly favorites for 2015 (duh it’s on January…)! I am so excited to be doing this because I love reading and watching other people’s monthly favorites and here I am posting mine to share with all of you.

Once again, I am doing a blog post plus Youtube video for my January Favorites so I would truly appreciate it if you can check out my channel if you like to watch me chit chat =)

Let me tell you, I bow down to all those people that make it look so effortless and easy. I had to take the week off from all the posting and filming because I was so unorganized and all over the place that I need to pause and get myself together. So now I’m back with a better scheduling plan and deadlines that I hope I can actually commit to. Let me know if you share the same struggle as me. =P

Anyways, let’s get back to business! Below are the products that I have been loving this month and some are actually products that I’ve used for more than a month. My last favourites post was back in October so since then I have discovered new things.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.17.34 PM

YOUTUBE LINK: http://youtu.be/HsqsWFK4gI4


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

So before we go any further, you will realize that I am very much focused on moisturizing anything that is dry and reviving my dull, lifeless looking skin. Of course, any lipbalm would probably work but I specifically reach for my Kiehl’s Lipbalm because it’s very moisturizing and not sticky. I feel like it’s the one I need for some intense moisture treatment without having that heavy and sticky feel of a lipbalm

E.L.F.  Mineral Lip Tint – Guava

The E.L.F. Mineral Lip Tint is my daytime lipbalm because of the extra pop of color! It has the same exact texture and feel as my Kiehl’s lipbalm but the only difference is the price and this one obviously gives me a slight tint on the lips. I really want to get all the shades that they have online!

E.L.F. Baked Blush – Pinktastic

They categorized this as a blush but I think it’s too sheer and too reflective for a blush so I just used it as a highlight which works amazingly. It blends easily and melts with the rest of my face make-up  like nobody’s business. It’s great for the gloomy days where you really need to look more glowy and alive (unlike the horrible cold weather).

Physician’s Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio

This is probably the best drugstore purchase I’ve ever done because the quality is very much comparable to high-end eyeliners and I’m just a fan of anything that twists up. Not to mention they’re so pigmented and it glides nicely on the eye area without tugging or pulling; you don’t want them premature wrinkles!!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Outlaw

I know this is a rare moment for me to even choose just one lip favorite since I do love my lippies but I managed to pick one that I have been rocking all month long and that is the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in the shade outlaw. It’s so long lasting and it doesn’t dry out my lips either.


Pantene Silk Moisture Whip

It’s pretty much a leave-in conditioner and protectant for the hair. It smells great and my hair has never felt softer since I’ve found this baby. If there is one thing that you’re thinking of trying out then I say you go run to the nearest drugstore and get your hand on this. Just a heads up, it dispenses just like a whip cream container and you got to shake it everytime you have to use it to properly deposit the product.

Nume White Truffle Hair Primer

This came with my Nume Lustrum Set that I got a couple months ago and I use to this alternatively with my Pantene Silk Moisture Whip mainly because I don’t want to run out of it and it’s kind of pricey if I just purchase it on the Nume website. It’s more of an oil rather than a creamy whipped texture but it does work the same although I’ve learned that it performs better if I put it on wet hair and then blow dry it rather than applying it when my hair is already dry. I just don’t think the oil gets absorb as well as when my hair is dried already.


Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Sticking with the whole moisturizing topic, The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream has been nothing but good to me especially for those cold spells that we’ve been having here. So far it hasn’t broken me out nor has it irritated my skin which is a big thing when it comes to face moisturizers. I use only Cetaphil for years and I do still use it but I just wanted to try something new and I can be more happier that I stumbled upon this moisture cream. The vitamin e also acts a a barrier for the skin that helps with looking youthful and brighter.

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil

Yes yes I know this is such an expensive product and some people would probably not want to splurge for a bottle of oil and I got to say you can probably find a cheaper Argan Oil somewhere else but I  just happened to have this one. I only use this for special events or rougher skin days where I really want to get that really soft and moisturized skin. Sometimes, I use it for the rest of my body and it gives me the most luminous, “Victoria Secret-esque” glow.


The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

Oh my goodness, you have to see my Youtube video to see for yourself how much I have used this body butter. Seriously, the entire month of January I only used this and nothing else and I am almost done with it. I think I want to get the larger tub that you can get from the Body Shop just to stock up but the smart buyer in me just wants to wait for a really good sale to come up at The Body Shop. The scent of it is so settle and not overpowering at! The Shea Butter doesn’t irritate my skin as well so that’s always a bonus.

Brush Guards

I don’t know how I washed my make up brushes before without these brush guards. It just makes a world of a difference with re-shaping my make up brushes and helping them stay right up when it’s drying.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotion – Evelyn Rose

Not much to say about this but it has not left my purse when I go out and stays by my bedside when I’m just home. That should be enough to tell you how much I love this lotion mainly because it smells good and yes it is moisturizing too (I feel so repetitive…)

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner

Aside from focusing on moisturizing my face and body this month, I have also been busy being a germaphobe. Therefore, I need to have a spot cleaner to clean my make up brushes in between uses and sometimes I would actually spray alcohol on the bristles of my brushes (i know it can dry out brushes but I can’t help it) when I remember. I do think that everyone should be spot cleaning their make-up tools since it is what you always use on the face and it absorbs the oil and dirt the most.

Michael Kors Perfume – Sexy Rio De Janeiro

Lastly, my current favorite scent is this sexy Rio De Janeiro perfume by Michael Kors. It’s potent and a little goes a long way. Also, it has this musky scent that I don’t typically go for but this one has a more feminine touch to it that I just cant quite explain but I like it is all that matter right?

Oh my goodness, if you are still with me please like this blog because this is superrr long and I appreciate you reaching it all the way to the end. Also, I just want to thank you all those that have been supporting me on my blog and Youtube journey and I truly appreciate all those who subscribed to me and followed me =) and for those of you who haven’t done those yet then what else are you waiting for!!?!?!? follow me to see more amazing videos and blog posts!

Until next time my beautiful little berries,

Joy ❤

October Favourites 2014

Hello my pretty berries,

I don’t know about you but Vancouver has been raining non-stop for like a week now and it’s just bringing my mojo down so I thought what’s better to cheer myself up but to find my most valued beauty products for October. Most of my favourites are not that new but they’re all products that I have at least used for more than 1 month and I know for sure that I like them enough to be listed as my favourite.



The Balm Nude’tude nudetude_productshot_naughty_1

It’s basically a nude eyeshadow palette that comes in 12 colours and a double-ended make-up brush. The quality of the eyeshadows are to die for, it’s smooth, pigmented and not chalky. Also, there are so many eye looks that you can do with this one palette; from day to night looks. My fave is stand-offish, sultry and sleek – they’re just the perfect combo eye look. Let me know if you would like to see an eye look using this palette because I would love to do it. As for that double-ended brush that came with it, I think it’s okay for patting in eyeshadows to your eyelid but not that great if you want to blend it out. All in all, I think it’s worth the buy and The Balm products are generally great products (I haven’t found a product from them that I don’t like).



Urban Decay Naked Basics604214396906_nakedbasicsI have the original Naked Basics from Urban Decay, which is more on the warmer side compared to the newer Naked Basics. It does have 6 eyeshadows: 5 matte and 1 shimmery. I usually use this for days that I just want to do a simple eye look and nothing too shimmery. Also, the ‘Naked2’ eyeshadow is a great transition colour for me; it’s matte and helps blend the rest of the eyeshadow I use.



Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder – Translucent300I haven’t really heard a lot of people talk about this product but it’s so good for setting your make-up. I learned about it because Tati from youtube swears by this stuff and that got me curious so I went on a hunting trip to find this baby (found it at Walgreens). It does have a bit of a scent to it but nothing that I can’t stand plus it’s not really a bad smell; more of like a baby powder smell?maybe? I don’t know I’m really bad at describing scents. Also, it works great and it doesn’t even cost that much and the whole container will last you forever. I do use the puff that came with it cause I can’t find a good puff that I can use with my Airspun but if you know one then let me know.



The Balm Cindy-Loumanizercindylou_productshot_1It’s another ‘The Balm’ product that I have fallen in love with. I love highlighting my face and this product highlights your features like nobody’s business! It looks natural and just glowy. There’s none of those chunky glitter or chalky look. I’m pretty sure there are two different shades of highlighter they have: Cindy and Mary. The Cindy is more of a pinkier highlight and the Mary is more on the golden side. Both looks amazing and I think I might get the Mary-loumanizer (I usually wait until they go on sale on Hautelook- check it out they always have great sales on make-up, clothing, shoes, etc http://www.hautelook.com/invite/jdeocampo878). Anyways, I think that the Cindy-loumanizer is great for any skin tone and I think it’s best for fall/winter time.



NYX Full Coverage Concealer – light476This is really good for covering those dark under eyes without looking too cakey. It has a very creamy consistency, which makes it easy to blend with a small fluffy brush or your fingers works great too. I guess you can use it to cover acne or scars because it is pigmented enough to do that but just make sure they’re the right shade.



Lancome blush – Sheer Amouroses762955-main-hero-300If you were looking for a “natural-look” on your cheeks then the Lancome Blush in Sheer Amourose would be perfect. It has a matte/satin finish and the colour will just suit almost every skin type. It does stay on your face all day and it is build able without getting too powdery or chalky.



Rimmel Gel Eyeliner – Blackscandaleyes_gel_pot_liner_productAll I gotta say is that this product is very comparable to Mac’s black track gel liner and it’s quarter of the price. This was a recent discovery for me and I love how it’s so smooth and creamy, not to mention that it stays on all day without smudging of transferring. You can smudge it when you apply it but once its set then it is not going to budge until you take it off with an eye make-up remover (preferably oil-based).



2 Lip Combos:

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Dragon Girl & Sephora Lip Liner – Real Red

s792515-main-hero-300 s1070796-main-hero-300

I am in love with red lips for fall and with these two combinations, I get a long lasting red lip. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl is the perfect red and it’s matte without drying out the lips. It’s like a jumbo crayon, which makes it that, much easier to apply. As for the Sephora Lip Liner, it’s similar in colour of the Nars Lip Pencil. I mainly use it to line my lips to prevent any feathering because you always want a clean-cut line when it comes to darker lip colours. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing a blog post for putting on the perfect long-lasting red lips.



Annabelle Waterproof Lip liner – Boisenerry & Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil – Bramble


The Annabelle Waterproof Lip Liner in Boisenberry can be another alternative to the Sephora Lip Liner in Real Red if you are looking for a deeper red lip. The Boisenberry has a bit of purple/magenta in it that can add a bit of dimension if used with Nars Dragon Girl. I just think it works great too if you add this on the outer corners of you lips to kind of create the illusion of 3-dimensional look and make it more plump and full. Ultimately, this lip liner can be used on its own or mixed with other lip colours to create unique looks. I guess this kind of makes it an alternate option for a lip combo, so there you have it!

As for the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Bramble, is is another matte colour, jumbo crayon style lip product but this one is retractable so no need to sharpen it all the time. I love to combine this with my Anabelle Lipliner in Boisenberry, it just gives it that extra oomph. It is long lasting and not too drying on the lips much like to Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I usually wear this when I want more of a “vampy” look and fall season is the best time to pull this off.



Live Clean – Exotic Nectarexotic nectar - argan oil leave in spray

This is a great drugstore product for your hair. It’s basically a leave-in conditioner for your hair and it’s loaded with a lot of good stuff including argan oil. I pretty much spray this on wet or dry hair and it doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it look greasy. In fact, I think it actually gives a bit of a healthy shine to my hair and makes it feel so soft much like if I just got out of the salon. It’s cheap, 96% plant derived and it makes you look like you have bombshell hair!



Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairsprayus.can_luminoushairspraymedium_2.14_1

I really want to say that this is probably by far the best hairspray that I have ever owned. I knew that the Moroccan Oil hair care line has good products but I’ve always been hesitant to try it because they are on the pricier side and I’m not one for spending too much money on hair care but I totally get it now. They are worth the money and they make my hair look amazing and last all day no matter what hairstyle I have on and it doesn’t get crunchy (I hate it when my hair gets crunchy, it’s just a no-no). It also prevents any frizziness that going on and tames my flyaways. Trust me, if you live in Vancouver, YOU NEED THIS! it will keep your hairstyle intact even with the crazy/humid/windy/cold weather we have here.



Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Body LotionVanilla Dee-LiteThis smells so amazingly amazing that you would want to eat it. I have mentioned it on a previous post: Top Lush Products and I have raved on how good it is and how moisturizing my skin feels every time I use it. It’s smells heavenly and it’s super moisturizing-‘nuff said.


That is all that I have for my October 2014 favourites. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and don’t forget to like and follow=)