Online Shopping — Canadian Friendly Edition =)

Hello my pretty berries,


I am so so sorry I’ve been totally MIA these last couple weeks, I think it’s all the holiday preparation and Christmas shopping that has kept me absolutely swamped. Okay, so speaking of Christmas shopping, I wanted to do some of my shopping online and if you are in Canada then you would understand how hard it is to find Canadian websites that can actually ship to Canada for free. Most sites are US base which mean $14+ for regular shipping that can take up to 4 weeks!


Anywho, I get very hesitant ordering online and pay so much for shipping unless it’s a really good deal on that site but I have since found some Canadian websites that may be of interests for some of you. I cannot fully give you a review on any of them yet since I’ve just browsed through them and made some orders on some of them but once I have gotten a full experience with the customer service, delivery accuracy, product variety and site accessibility then I will let you know which works the best.


Let me know on the comments below if you have any other sites that are Canadian friendly (in terms of shipping). I like shopping online especially since I don’t get the newest and best products here all the time and the only way to get my hands on them is to buy online.



Until next time,