Christmas Wishlist

Hello my pretty berries,

So I’ve been thinking, since it is almost Christmas and I’m sure a lot of you are scrambling to get some last minute shopping and gift wrapping done I thought why not do a Christmas Wishlist for what I would want for Christmas. It’s not necessarily for anyone to send me anything but it’s things that I would want to get myself if I can buy myself Christmas presents. I did get the inspiration from astoldbykatie (you should go see her, she’s awesome) and if your reading this then I want you to post your wishlist on your blog too!! We can make this into kind of a tag I guess? Just comment below if you did so that I can check out your Christmas Wishlist.

So I did focus on make-up because there’s no such thing as too much make-up and it is what I would want to get for Christmas anyways. Let me know if you have tried any of the products in the comments below and let me know what you think of it. Is it worth the hype or nah?


contour kitAnastasia Beverly Hills – Contour Kit

I’ve always wanted to try this for a long long time but for some reason I cannot get myself to spend the $40 which is probably really worth it for 6 contour/highlighting pan. I think I’m just trying to finish up some of the ones I already have and then I can purchase it.




Nars – Radiant Creamy Concealer

I heard so much good things about the radiant concealers from Nars and I’ve actually tested it out when I went to Sephora. It does feel smooth on your skin but rough on my pockets! It costs $35 dollars for one concealer! but hey if Santa is reading my blog post then I sure hope he gets me this for Christmas=)


hourglassHourglass – Ambient Lighting Palette

So this product claims to diffuse, capture and softens the way the light reflects on your skin. Don’t you just want to buy it right now!? If it’s going to make my skin look like I’m glowing from within then I want it in my Christmas stocking. I might just buy it if I don’t get this for Christmas as a gift for myself but let me know if this is any good.



UDUrban Decay – Naked On The Run

This just came out of the Sephora site and I almost put it in my cart. It’s gorgeous and compact…it’s a be-gorgeous-on-a-whim-palette. I can just see myself creating beautiful eye looks from day-to-night. It is a limited edition product which makes me want to hurry down at Sephora and buy it already.



lippieLG019-2TSigma Beauty – Lip Switch in Transcend & Pink Lotus

It doesn’t look much on the packaging but I think this could be really nice on the lips. I think it will give an ultra dimensional look on the lips. Oh my goodness I want this!



Sigmax Kabuki Kit

This counts as a make-up related product right? Oh well, I’m putting it in my wishlist nonetheless because I’ve been eyeing this baby for a long time and I have heard it’s good. I hope they have a special deal for Boxing Day then maybe I can get it.



That’s all the top products that I would want to get for the Holidays but you can post up less or more it’s up to you. I can probably continue for a while but I don’t want to drive Santa broke. I really look forward to all your wishlist =)