Fashion Inspiration: Winter Edition

Hello my pretty berries,

I’m back today to talk about winter essentials which is a pretty big thing for me since it gets really cold where I live. I wouldn’t say that we get a lot of snow but we get really bad wind chills and cold rain. Not to mention that I have a really poor tolerance with the cold, I’m not even kidding, anything less than 10 celsius is Antartica for me!!

I don’t want to say that I have a coat/sweater addiction but it’s not my fault that parkas and pea coats are essential where I live for the most part of the year. Anywho, I have listed below some great winter essentials in case you are on a hunt for some stylish and comfy outerwear.



Scarves for days

scarf1 scarf2 scarf3

Okay, so scarves are the number one most important element to dressing up or down any kind of outfit not to mention it looks super cute. It’s also versatile by making it into a shawl or a make-shift hood or make it into an infinity scarf. It keeps me warm and stylish at the same time. Plus scarves are a cheap way to easily switch out if you want to quickly change your look. The photos above are definitely my style, from demure to wild to comfy I love them all!!



Faux Fur Please

faux fur1 faux fur3 faux fur4

I am so friggin in love with these style and I don’t think it’s going out of style any time soon and frankly I am very happy about that. I like faux fur specifically the vest style. I just think that it makes any simple outfit and takes it to a whole another level plus it faux so that’s a plus too. I love pairing these with a long sleeve that is plain and maybe some dark washed jeans with some black ankle boots.



Let’s get graphic

graphic4 graphic3


There’s nothing better than being able to express your personality in words or pictures so why not plaster them on shirts! I am in love with graphic prints because it adds a bit of your personality without having to speak out loud but there is a border line between okay to totally wacked out. I just think that it shouldn’t over power your outfit (unless that’s what you intend to do then go for it) and having the same colour palette on the the letters/photos in contrast to the colour of the top would achieve a much more calmer approach, I guess that’s just the way I would do it with this trend because you can easily go overboard with it. I can see myself wearing this with probably a loose cardigan or a leather jacket and some black leggings or dark washed jeans (kinda like a biker girl style).



Baby it’s cold outside

You’ll see below that I have pretty much focus on clothing that are made of thicker material which can withstand the colder weather (midst of winter). I am in love with the coats that has a more A-line or at least has a belt that can accentuate the waist so it gives it an illusion of smaller waist. Also, the “boxy” or cape style doesn’t always look flattering but it does make it look like you have skinnier legs? or maybe it’s just me hehe. The trench coats are more sophisticated and it doesn’t hurt that it makes me look like inspector Gadget.

faux fur 2 coat5 coat4 coat3 coat2coat1 00101565-02



































I hope you all enjoyed my post and be sure to let me know on the comments below what your winter essentials are.

By the way, if you want to check out the coats and scarves just click on the image and it should link you to the site that I found them. I just thought it would be easier to find something similar to what I own since I know for sure that it will be available for you in case you want to purchase them online.